Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I never used to hate turtles. They are really innocent creatures and loveable too EXCEPT fo MataMata.

What? "Mata Mata"?? Yes, It means "Kill! Kill!" in Spanish. This MataMata turtke is unquestionably a killer. This inauspicious animal has a lengthy neck along with warts (verrucas) and ugly fleshy folds. It also has a prominent big flat head and a projecting snorkel shaped nose. This nose is helpful for this snorkel breather to breathe under the water.

During 1947, it was a French Scientist, who named (I mean described) this ugly animal as "large land turtle with spiky and ridged scales".

Guess what? This ugly matamata is a flesh-eating animal. These love aquatic invertebrates and fish! Enough with the theory now let us look how ugly these animals are:

Ugly Animals - Mata Mata Turtle

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