Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dracula Fish

The dracula fish (also knows as "Danionella dracula") is a species from tropical danionin fish category. This Ugly Animal originates from Burma and it is a freshwater fish. If you want to know why it is called as a Dracula Fish, check out its "fangs" then you will know for yourself.

This fish was identified in April 2007 when a payload of Aquarium Fish speciment were shipped to the United Kingdom. Till date, these Ugly Animals are found only in small number at Sha Du Zup between Tanai and Mogaung in the northern part of Burma. It is a colorless creature and it can grow up to 17mm (that is 0.67 inches) at the maximum.

The Dracula fish has an elongated stretched body shape with a real large head and big eyes. It however does not have scales and its upper body is prevailed by the jaws. If you think you can feast on these ugly animals for your dinner then you are wrong because a lot of the fish's flesh is rubbery.
Wiki says, The natural diet of the dracula fish is unknown but in captivity it eats shrimp larvae, small nematodes and fish flakes. Close relatives of the fish feed upon small crustaceans and invertebrates.
Ugly Animals - Dracula Fish

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