Monday, January 17, 2011


Quiz Time Now! Look at this picture and guess what it is?

a) A Worm
b) A Snake
c) Something out of a Movie

Honestly there is no special visual effects done with that picture. Well, it is a new creature that co-exist in this world named as "Ajolote".

As per wikipedia, the word Ajolote may refer to
  • Axolotl, an aquatic salamander
  • Mexican mole lizard, a pink burrowing lizard with two arms
The one we are talking about here is Mexican mole lizard. If you were looking for the other one check out the Ajolote - Axolotl.

This Ajolote is said to be found at Baja California in Mexico. There is a belief in the local people that if one sits on the ground, these Ugly Animals may burry up from the ground and enter the digestive tract through ... ahem.. you get the picture yeah? ;)

Ugly Animals -  Ajolote

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