Sunday, May 22, 2011


As Wikipedia says,
Monkfish (also known as Headfish or "Poor Man’s Lobster") is the English name of a number of types of fish in the northwest Atlantic, most notably the species of the anglerfish genus Lophius and the angelshark genus Squatina. The term is also occasionally used for a European sea monster more often called a sea monk.
It is a type of fish inhibits in the northwest coastal Atlantic area. It can grow up to a length of 5ft or more but the species with the length of 3ft are more commonly seen. It weights between 7 to 15 pounds but can also reach a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Its body is composed mainly of a huge, gaping mouth attached to a muscular tail.

There is an uglier thing when compared to these Monkfish. Wanna know what? Okay, Do a Google Search for Monkfish Recipes and there are plenty of results. YUCK! I wonder how can someone eat these fishes. I would die starving than eating these fishes Lol

BUT, I will tell you a "Monkfish as Food" fact - The only edible portions of the monkfish are its muscular tail and its liver. The tail meat of the monkfish is delicious: dense, sweet, and very similar to lobster tail meat in both flavor and texture. Like many fish, monkfish is an excellent low-fat, low-cholesterol source of protein and B vitamins. Monkfish liver is quite popular in Japanese cuisine, usually served as sashimi (Ankimo).

Ugly Animals - Monkfish

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