Saturday, May 21, 2011


Friends, I know you probably must be angry on me for not updating this blog in the past few months but guess what? I am engaged :) So, I have been busy doing stuffs around (you know what it would be Lol). However, I told myself that I will (try atleast Lol) to keep this blog going. As I always say, these weird creatures make me wonder a lot. It is not that I do not like them or something but I really feel somewhat intrested to know more about them. May be, I should join Geography Channel? Lol Enough ranting, now back to the Ugly Animal of the day - DOBSONFLY!

DOBSONFLY is also called as "The King Bug". Any bug must be ugly, isn't it? The ugliest part of this Dobsonfly is its larva viewed under a scanning electron microscope with the enlargement power of 10 to 500 times from its original size. Through the high powered microscope, humans have viewed some shocking scenes that the human eye itself is limited to seeing.

Dobsonfly inhibits throughout the Americas, particularly in the north and central part of America, and in Asia, Australia and Africa. This insect can be rather weird and frightening in its appearance. Both male and female Dobsonflies can grow up to the length of 5 inches (12.5cm), and have long antennae. When they do not use the wings, they will be folded along the length of their walking stick-like bodies. The female can breed between 100 to 1,000 eggs on a branch or on rocks near a stream.

Now, isn't that awesome? YEAH, still ugly though! :)

Ugly Animals - Dobsonfly Larva

Male Dobsonfly

Female Dobsonfly

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