Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anne Marie, the story

 This is Anna Marie,
Before the winter is starting in Greece and in the sanctuary we had a chance to send some dogs by car to Germany.
The driver of the car had 4 adult dogs in his car and some pupies.
That is a lot to take care for. But there is a great need for flight volunteers to help us transporting the animals. During a stop in Croatië Anna Marie was lost.
The driver searched for the dog and left to coninue his way to Germany.
When the animals arrived I heard of the tragic story.
An American lady, living in Greece contacted me because she wanted to help the sanctuary.
She Made a poster with a photo( I found after hours of searching ) of the missing dog and spend a lot of time searching for shelters to send it to and inform them about the missing dog.

Ten days after Anna Marie was lost we got a phonecall of a lady living in Zagreb. Marjana Sovic
She is an animal lover and one of her friends told her there was a dog at a petrol station on the road between Lipovic and Zagreb.
This lady was on her way from Lipovic to Zagreb. 200 km after Lipovic, at the gasstation she found Anna Marie.
She took her to the vet and checked her was her...

Comming friday Anna Marie wil travel by plane to Germany, Frankfurt.
I will drive to Frankfurt and take her home.
                         So..all is well that ends well...

Thank you Denise and Thank you Mirjana for the enormous amount of help. Anna Marie wouldn't have survived without you!

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