Saturday, October 8, 2011


Friends, I know I have not been active lately on my blog but I had some personal to sort out. I hope you did not get bored without me writing about new ugly animals every day or Did you? :)

Well, today I got a really strange, weird and ugly fish called as the Viper Fish. I myself am a pure vegetarian but if I ever develop a taste for fishes I would never even want to try this one out though I am not sure if this is edible.

One of the ugliest deep-sea creatures is the Viper fish. The viper fish has a huge mouth filled with razor sharp teeth. Its teeth are so big that they do not even fit inside the fish's mouth! The viper fish uses its teeth to grab its victims. Its head can flip up so it can swallow large prey.

Viperfish live far below the ocean's surface where there is no sun light. Their bodies make their own light. They use this light to attract prey.

The Viper Fish lives in tropical and temperate waters at depths of 1500 m although like a lot of deep sea creatures it vertically migrates to around 500 m at night to feed on crustaceans and other small fish, luring them with a long rod like organ with a flashing light on the end. The viperfish grows up to 60cm long and is believed to live for over 15 years.

I initially confused this Viper fish for a Fangtooth Fish but then realized that these two are not one and the same.

Ugly Animals - Viper Fish

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