Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Name: Lara
Age: ? 2-3?
Gender: female
Breed: Huntingdog.
About: Lara is a very tender and sweet dog. She is used to travelling by car and can get along with other dogs very well. I've never seen a dog as sweet and tender as Lara.
History: Lara was found in a cage beside the road. The former owner was not taking care of her porperly. That's why we found her in a terrible condition. Lara was very skinny and in great need of help. She did not have any food or water in her cage and a German tourist heard her crying all night long.
Extra: We want Lara to find a good family who has the time and space to help her getting a new life. We hope she will find a place where she can visit the forest several times per month.

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