Thursday, September 2, 2010

Types of Ants Species

Types of Ants Species

Army Ants : The queens of the african army ant (driver ant), are the largest ants
in the world. It can be over an inch long

Fire Ants: Fire ants are stinging ants of which there are over 280 species worldwide.

Pharaoh Ants : Up to 300,000 workers with multiple queens will nest in wall and cabinet voids, behind baseboards.

Crazy Ants : Crazy ants get their name from their habit of running about very erratically with no apparent sense of direction.

Weaver Ants : Weaver ants (genus Oecophylla) are known for their communication and nest building behaviour.

Slave Maker Ants : Some ants will raid the colonies of other ants

Jack Jumper Ants : The jack jumper ant, hopper ant or jumper ant is a species of bulldog ant.

Bullet Ants : Paraponera is a genus of ant consisting of a single species, the so-called bullet ant.

Lemon Ants : species of ant that is notable for the creation of Devil's gardens.

Argentine Ant : The Argentine ant is a tiny dark ant native to northern Argentina.

Carpenter Ants : Carpenter ant workers are 1/4 inch long. The queen can be up to 3/4 inch.

Little Black Ants : A very small, black ant closely related to the Pharaoh ant.

Honey Pot Ants : A very small, black ant closely related to the Pharaoh ant.

Yellow Citronella Ants : They are found mostly in New England and the Midwest.

Big Head Ants : Big-headed ants are most often confused with fire ants.

Leaf Cutter Ants : They feed on a specialized fungus that grows only in the underground chambers of the ants nest.

Bulldog Ants : These ant were once found worldwide but is now restricted to Australia.

Gliding Ants : Gliding ants are arboreal ants of several different genera that are able to control the direction.

Atta laevigata: Atta laevigata is one of about a dozen species of leafcutter ants in the genus Atta

Thief Ant: thief ants, get their names because they often raid other ants nests.

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