Wednesday, May 5, 2010

THE HANUMAN LANGUR | Presbytis entellus


This diurnal monkey is found in the dry tracts in Nilambur and ,Wayand and Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuaries. Distinct call are made by these monkey. Difficult to distinguish based on indirect evidences. Sound of teeth grinding and whooping calls of males are audible.

Scientific name : Presbytis entellus

Local names : Hanuman kurangu , Vekkali, Vellamanthi and Moolikurangu.

Habitat : Dry deciduous forest and scrub forests.

Distribution : Found in chinnar and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala and parts of Nilambur. Thenmala and in sacred groves of North Kerala.

Indirect evidences : Droppings, calls, discarded leaf, fruit parts and foot prints on the ground. Rejected fruit portions of Garcinia gummi-gutta, are usuall seen in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary,when these monkeys leave an area after feeding.

Faecal matters : Found on the ground or on rocks under the roosting tree /place. Droppings Contain mostly leaves unlike bonnet monkeys and with no insect parts.

Colour : Brownish grey, shape is similar to bonnet macaque.

Calls and sound :” Whoop…Whoop…Whoop…”.

Foot prints : Foot prints can be located near the water course where these monkeys Inhabit. Difficult to identify from other primates based on the foot prints Because the foot prints may look similar.

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